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Rotary Disc Screen

The rotary disc screen is a strainer machine with very high treatment efficiency that is widely used in filtration of wastewaters containing filamentous and sinewy contaminants.

Slow Mixer

Flocculation measurement comes after the coagulation. It is the substance polyelectrolyte utilized for flocculation and the polyelectrolyte is blended in the wastewater through slow mixer.

Rapid Mixer

Technique for this interaction, colloids, which has little sizes, make greater their sizes and afterward these colloids can dregs in the tank.

Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary drum screen is a gadget used to keep fine particles from inlet wastewater to harming mechanical gear. There are two sorts of drum strainer as inside flow and remotely flow.

Static Sieve Screen

It is a wedge wire bend screen used in physical treatment units of static sieve treatment plants.

Mechanical Bar Screen

Mechanical Bar Screen is an essential wastewater treatment system that is useful for sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants.