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Wastewater & WWTP Equipments Company

We are specialized in projects, turnkey construction, equipment supply & manufacturing and operation of wastewater treatment plants with an innovative approach. Turkey, Middle East, Balkanian Countries, Central Asia & North Africa's domestic and industrial WWTPs are scope of our company.

Mechanical Bar Screen

Mechanical Bar Screen is an essential wastewater treatment system that is useful for sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Sand Filter

Sand filter is one of the main wastewater treatment equipment that helps to capture suspended solids (SS) from the sewer water.

Clean Water-Life-Cycle

No matter the volume or the weight, we are accompanying for your project management of wastewater treatment plants from feasibility to final stages. Ahiberg fixes water pollution issues with the “process solution”, which enables companies, factories or institutions to own their wastewater treatment processes and execute them — as well as build real-time development charts, monitor compliance with standards and live this clean-water-life cycle. Are you a manufacturer, a distributor or a buyer?


Installation and maintenance services are optionally provided by Ahiberg for all the equipments and filter press we produce.